Dental Insurance Plans which Pay Lower than National Average

During these tough economic times, many large companies are cutting costs by changing their insurance plan coverage for their employees to a very low paying plan.  Employers are looking to cut costs at the expense of their employees.  These plans pay very poorly so then the subscriber (the patient) ends up paying more out-of-pocket.  These plans tend to be Delta Dental and some Blue Cross/Carefirst plans.  Delta plans tend to cover less procedures for patients or only pay for bad quality restorations such as silver fillings and metal crowns. 

Employees can collaborate with each other to complain to their Human resources office so that they can request for a better plan in order to get better dental services with better dental materials in their mouth for the health of their bodies.

About Thu-Nga Ortega, DDS, MAGD

General, cosmetic and geriatric dentist in Fairfax, Virginia. I believe in providing the most conservative dental care in the most comfortable setting. My care for my patients is my utmost importance. I have been a dentist for over 24 years and was the founder and CEO of Dental Cosmetix. Here conservative dentistry yields the most beautiful and health smiles. I have been awarded the FAGD (Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry in 2007) and then the MAGD ( Master of the Academy of General Dentistry in 2017). I am skilled in providing all facets of dentistry so patients can have all procedures done in one office without being sent to other office for other treatments.
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